Saturday, April 30, 2011

30 Day Challenge - April 24th

Day 24: A Picture of your day
(My day in pictures)

My husband and I attended our 8:30 Worship service at church and Sunday School at 9:45. This is the dress I wore:

It is hard to see the details and if I had found it earlier, there would be several accessories I would have ordered to go with the dress. The gold piece in the center is styled like bamboo.

After church, we headed to my BIL's house for a cookout. Very good!! I brought along the "infamous" Bunny Rabbit coconut cake:

These of course are the instruction for how to assemble your cake. Mine looked almost identical except being the prep I am, he had a green coconut bow tie to co-ordinate with his pink ears. If I would have had more time to decorate, he probably would have had a seersucker bowtie!

We had planned to go to a late afternoon movie, but had an errand to run first and didn't get the chance. The few movies we were choosing from had "late" night start times so we didn't go.

About 10, Sunday night, Miss Brooke made it home from the beach to stay with us for the night before heading back to school on Monday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday!

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