Saturday, April 30, 2011

30 Day Challenge - April 29th

Day 29 - A picture of someone I miss:

My granddaddy, Robert E. Lee Morris. This is my mom's daddy. Story behind this. When I was still in high school, I came across his dog tag and he said I could have it. He passed away on my first day of college classes and the day before my 18th birthday. His dog tag hung on my bulletin board in my dorm room.  Many years later, while my mom and I were going through a box of pictures, we came across this picture in 2 sizes. She kept the larger and I got this one. Even later, years after my grandmother passed, we were going through another box and included was an envelope from the White House addressed to my grandmother. Inside was this letter of commendation from Ronald Reagan (yes, I know they are sent whenever a former or current soldier has died). I decided to have it put together in one frame and I hang it proudly in my living room. The envelope is preserved on the back.

He was a large man and I was teeny tiny... but I was his special girl and he was my gentle giant. We shared a special bond and still do to this day. This August 25th will mark 25 years since his death and I still miss him so.

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