Sunday, May 15, 2011

I love weddings!

Saturday at 5:30, my cousin (my daddy's twin sister's only grandson and her oldest grandchild) got married. He is also the son of my favorite cousin who was also told that she would never bear children. (another story for another day)

It was a beautiful ceremony with a surprise the couple didn't know was going to happen by the officiant. The church was built in 1838 and the bride's parents married in the same church 30 years ago. The reserved pews had beautiful arrangements and there were only 2 arrangements on the altar. The bouquets were gorgeous but the bride did something very special with hers. Her 2 grandmothers passed several years ago and she chose added each of their favorite flowers to her bouquet. Pictures and more details to come later. It was a magical night with something featured that I had never seen before. Again, more details later.

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