Saturday, July 23, 2011

It is my...

My "baby Girl" turned 19 today. Officially, not until 10:37 tonight, but you know how the moment turns 12 am on the day of your birthday, and celebration begins. The hard part, and by no means am I wishing time to go by quickly, but this is her final year as a "teenager!"

Miss Brooke's bestie from college came up Thursday night. Friday we went to dinner at her fave Mexican restaurant. Her papa, my daddy, even came just to spend time with her. She started getting the FB wishes and anxiously awaited the midnight hour, when 'T' as we will refer to him for now,was to be the 1st phone call of the birthday. Tonight we plan to sit in 100 degree weather for a baseball game after a day of shopping.

Happy Birthday Miss Brooke! You will always be my baby girl!

I love you so very much!

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Cake photo via Tumblr.


Pattie said...

Congratulations to both of you !
Wishing you a wonderful day of celebration :) What a fabulous cake !! How precious!

kygirlpinkpearls said...

Such a gorgeous cake! I'm doing something similar for my 21st birthday coming up soon. Tell Brooke happy birthday for me!

Twist of Lime said...

OMG! I came to peek at your blog after reading your response to Hopsy's vblog. I thought your answers were so cute. And guess what!!!! That cake you posted was a photograph I took at a fashion show I co-chaired in Severna Park, MD - right outside of Annapolis! So funny! Come to my blog and look at the other photos - what a small world!!! xoxo, Wendy