Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Alive After 5

Although you always have the chance to meet up for drinks after work, these little events tend to multiply during the holiday season. It could be a small company function with just drinks and
hors d'oeuvres immediately after the work day is done, or colleagues getting away from the office, or friends just meeting up to take a break and allow time to spend together when you may not have the chance during your busy calendar.

Most women would don the LBD (little back dress) for this as you could wear it through the work day by itself depending on the dress or by adding a blazer for an even more professional look. This way, all you have to do is remove the blazer, change out the jewelry and shoes and you are good to go. However, this is the holiday season after all and I would prefer to step it up a notch.

I choose the Lilly Pulitzer Julianna Dress. The pattern is so creatively called, "Cameo White Lace You There Placed." Don't you just love the Lilly pattern names? I know I do!
I love this dress! Lilly states that this dress is a one-of-a-kind! The print is absolutely breathtaking!
And I think it is appropriate for any cocktail affair. So why did I not use this dress yesterday for Cocktails, Anyone? Yesterday, I chose to go with a much more festive, party mood, type of address.

Once again, I am not going with the shoes shown on the model. They are Lilly and I absolutely adore them. Gold, strappy shoes should be a staple in your shoe wardrobe. But I see something else. I see this dress a little more elegant and a need for a different style. I immediately noticed the bow on the waist, so I wanted that to carry down to my shoe selection. I chose these lovelies...
Though these may appear white, (and us old fashioned summer fashion rules still ring true and the only time you wear white shoes after Labor day is under your wedding dress and tennis shoes) these are actually ivory and do match the dress. However, they also come in black...
I chose these because of not only the bow affect but the flat pleating on the sides. For myself, I would have to buy both pair, bring them on home and try them on with the dress. Then return the ones that I choose not to wear. Why you ask? I love the ivory because it is the same color as the bottom of the dress. And even though they may be very much lighter than your skin tone, it will still help elongate the look. But the black would definitely work as black satin is indeed a little dressier and it is all in the details. The bow being black on the dress and the black shoes with a black bow just coordinates too easily.

Once again, not to differ with the wonderful design team and stylists at Lilly, I do not like this evening clutch with the dress. I would go for a simple black satin clutch, which most of us do have in our wardrobes, or a lovely black satin with a simple bow.

Many of you may have noticed that I am only showcasing the dresses (or upcoming outfits) without jewelry because you don't always need to purchase new jewelry. As for our Gala attire, you may be breaking out your sapphires, rubies or emeralds, or more elaborate pearls. For other outfits shown or still to come, you may just happen to have the perfect piece or pieces to go with the outfits. I am leaving the jewelry up to you. I will say for me, the only jewelry I would wear with this dress, other than my wedding set, is simple pearl studs. The dress speaks for itself.

You may have noticed that this is also the first time I have mentioned a purse. For our first two installments of fashion week, you may not necessarily need one. Although they do add the finishing touch. If you have an escort to the first two events, the gentleman should always be willing to carry for you what you need. However, if you do choose to carry something, it should be nothing larger than an evening clutch. Nothing bigger than to carry a compact, lipstick, your i.d., some cash or card in case of a dire emergency, and the most important of all, your breath mints!

As you can tell, I love Lilly, especially for dresses, and if you check out the Lilly Pulitzer website, you will find many wonderful dresses for cocktail parties like yesterday and for the simple, out the door after 5 drinks (and maybe dinner) look.

I am sure you have also noticed that yesterday and today have only featured one dress each. Don't worry, tomorrow is "Girl's Night Out" and I have many outfits to feature. Make sure to stop back by tomorrow and check out my opinions of what to wear this Holiday Fashion Season!

I hope you have enjoyed not only today's installment, but Holiday Fashion week as well.

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