Saturday, August 26, 2006

duhnunununu...Today's My Birthday...Oh Yea!

Seriously, today is my birthday....just a regular old birthday, not a new decade or anything, I'll be 38 BUT I am anxiously awaiting to see if anything special happens. I CHALLENGED my DH to really think about what he was giving me for my day because the first birthday we were together, he REALLY THOUGHT about what he was giving me. Since then, it has been the same thing every birthday and mother's day....a gift card to 1 particular store I shop for clothes at...and not even a GOOD store if you know what I mean!?! At least we are going out to eat at my favorite restaurant. Do I get the shrimp and grits or do I get the crab cakes???? hmmmm....decisions, decisions!

The first day of high school went great. DD was very excited about her classes. She does have homework this weekend but with honors classes, we expected no less. She hoped a certain boy would be in at least one class but she never even saw him, however, her 1st period class, her cousin (by my marriage) is in that class and we never get to see him so now we will. And she is going to NY to sing for the National Anthem Project and she was all excited because they would be singing at Homecoming as this is the 50th anniversary. Guess I better get me some blue and gold as it is my high school alma mater as well as my husband's.

I guess that is all for must be the time of day, I am not usually speechless! But before I go....a few comments on some of my favorite blogs:

Baby Sawyer, you are doing so well and growing so well. You are a special gift from God and it warms my heart as I am sure it does your mommy and daddy's heart every time they see your precious face.

Curly Gurly (SUV Blog).... I am so praying for you this hurricane season! (Now you know I am a Jimmy Buffet fan and the song "Tryin to reason with hurricane season" is just playing away in my head!!) I hope your pedicure went well last night. I think God had those things lined up for a reason again this year to put your mind at ease. This one brewin' right now is NOT going to come your way.....I feel that in my heart, and I will keep praying for that to happen!

Now to sign off, clean a little, and work on designing my dream beach house!


Belle-ah said...

Girlfriend! I am so sorry I missed ya birthday, we were out of town (and with now TV, Phone or computer...heaven!).

Also you know I relate to the 1st day of school blues! LOL

Ginger Cookies and A Good Book said...

Happy belated birthday!! Now you're the same age as me!! So far, so good with 38 for me.

Beaufort Belle said...

Thank y'all so much!!