Friday, August 25, 2006

The First Day of High School

Above is her 1st day of school ever and second is her first day of high school. I surely can shed some tears over how much she has matured mentally and physically. She has been so excited this week and I can't wait until she gets home to hear all about her first day. We went to meet all of her first semester teachers on Wednesday night and I can't be more impressed. I sure hope first impressions hold true. She has a great schedule with first semester having Voice 1 (Chorus), Honors World History, Journalism, and lastly Honors English. Next semester she will have Voice 1, Honors Earth & Environmental Science, good ole health/pe, and lastly Algebra 1. She also has several friends that she hasn't had class with since elementary school in her classes so that will help also. And she can't wait for Friday night be honest, I can't wait either!!!

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