Thursday, August 24, 2006

Cleaning up the Clutter

This is a great book I picked up in the hospital gift shop when my mom was a patient recently. The cover continues with "Easy Ways to Keep your Family Organized" and the book is by Emilie Barnes. Well I have been inspired. I always thought I was organized but this book is showing me great tricks I didn't know. GREAT section on organizing your purses ladies!! And even though I should be organizing my wardrobe and starting my speed cleaning list, I got to the chapter on organizing my desk and STOPPED dead in my tracks. I knew I had to clean my spare room but this chapter really did it for me! While DD1 was shopping for school supplies, I started getting my supplies. And last night I started the organization process for my desk. Now my spare room is my office on one side and will be used for nothing else, except typing on the computer of course; and the other side is my new craft center. DD1 has helped me all day long and I can't help but be proud of her. She didn't complain one time. Buoys and Gulls (boys and girls), I highly recommend this book for EVERYONE, organized or not!!

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Ginger Cookies and A Good Book said...

Thanks for sharing about this book. I need a serious kick in the pants to get our house in order. Maybe this book is it! I'll let you know. ;-)