Thursday, September 28, 2006

At the Beach....

Time you enjoyed wasting was not time wasted.

Relax ~ It doesn't get much better than this.

Sun, Sand, Surf ~ Just another day in paradise.

These are a few of the "beach" signs I have come across recently. Anyone of them could be my motto. You see, the beach for me, is not just a vacation destination. The beach to me is a healing place, an understanding place, a get to know me place, a soul-searching place, a get away place, but definitely not a wasted place.

Like the words in a Jimmy Buffet song, "Mother Mother Ocean, I heard you call". That is me. The ocean is a powerful thing. I know it can devastate lifes with its mean hurricanes and such but it can also heal people. My ocean has washed tears away and put smiles in their place. It has healed hurts both physically and mentally.

My beach allows me to see the power of God in his little creatures that live inside sea shells, and things that swim in the ocean, and in the feeling I get when I sit on the beach.

I can sit on the beach with a good book and something icy cold until I forget the time. Or late in the day, as all the sunburned vacationers head in to get ready for their trip to one of many fish houses, I can fly my kite for hours on end.

Even though the above is real, I think it is time to escape to the beach in my mind. Go jump on the hammock and take my wave sound machine and listen to the sound of the ocean. Hey, maybe I will even put on some Jimmy Buffet at the same time!

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