Saturday, March 08, 2008


Today is the day. The day all ACC fans and many others around the country will be glued to their TVs at 9pm. Its the end of another regular season in the ACC and that means one thing...the greatest rivalry in all of sports.....


Why is there such a rivalry....well we are only 8 miles apart up 15-501.
One of the best college bball jokes is :

What is the best thing to ever come out of Chapel Hill?
15-501 to Duke!

The Blue Devils are made up of the legendary COACH K....

And this year's wonderful crop of players:
And backed by the Cameron Crazies:

What is a Cameron Crazy?

The Cameron Crazies are actually listed in Wikipedia which states:
The Cameron Crazies are the student supporters of Duke University's basketball teams, named for Duke's Cameron Indoor Stadium. The Crazies stand courtside in a 1,200 seat student section and begin cheering during warmups. Many Crazies paint their faces or bodies white and blue and wear Duke paraphernalia to represent their team. Throughout the game, the Crazies jump up and down when the opposing team has possession of the ball and yell cheers in unison at focal points of the game. Over the years, Duke's Cameron Crazies "have earned a reputation as the rowdiest, wittiest, best-organized college basketball fans in the land."[1] They invented the term "air ball" when they started chanting it on a North Carolina miss in 1979.[2][3][4] The number of fans painting themselves varies with the importance of the game, with games against the University of North Carolina generating the most enthusiasm. Another tradition developed by the Cameron Crazies - tenting in Krzyzewskiville - started in the 1980's. Some other colleges and universities have used the Crazies as a model for their own cheering sections at basketball games, such as Harvard University and Indiana University, both of which recently printed a run of Crimson Crazies t-shirts.
Here is the entrance to Krzyzewskiville and some photos of the Crazies with the infamous Dick Vitale! "It's Awesome Babay!!"

The game will be played in Cameron Indoor Stadium @ Duke and is decidely one of the toughest courts to play in America. The court itself was renamed Coach K Court several years back. Cameron only sits 9,314 fans and students surround the court on the lower level making it a real challenge to play here.
Duke has a beautiful basketball story but has had its many ups and downs. Here is picture featuring some greats of the Duke Basketball history.
Now make sure you watch the may see some shirts like these in the stands:

(if you can't watch it on TV...feel free to follow the game here)

(well I can't wear this one because I live in a house husband's only fault...he is a UNC fan.
Or as my daddy calls ole TarHole instead of tarheel)

And listen very closely because you may hear the chant.....

"Go To Hell Carolina, Go To Hell!" on may occasions!

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