Thursday, July 17, 2008

2 things for you today....

OK all you fellow bloggers, I need your help....and I know you are reading my blog, even if you aren't posting any comments.... I love how I can click on an image on many of your blogs and the image opens larger in a separate window...mine somehow does not. How do y'all do that? Are you actually doing HTML code or just using the add image icon in your blogger editor window?

Now for my main post........I am asking for prayers. Our church is sending a BUNCH of people to Slovakia tomorrow for mission work. They have a blog:

I would appreciate if you would check in periodically over the next 2 weeks and post messages of prayers and support for the work they will be doing as well as safe travels. Many of the travelers are high schoolers, a few college kids, some newlewed couples, and maybe 3 or 4 families. I know they can use your prayers and support. Thanks to everyone!!


Lisa said...

The image needs to be linked to its official home on the web, for an easy way to do it.

Take your signature for example: I was able to find its home on the web by right-clicking and selecting "copy image location" (that's for Firefox... there will be something similar if you're using Internet Explorer).

Next, you could click on the picture you've included in the compose mode and just link to that destination on the web or, in edit html mode, you'd enter the image source tag and info between the hyperlink tag.

Here's a link to find the code on the web ;-) - you'll just want to use what they have in between < a href= and < / a > (which are the opening and closing tags for a link).

Sandy said...

I know what you are talking about buy I'm not sure how my pictures open like that - maybe it's the way they are saved to your computer. I know if I move mine to my photo shop program and save it back to my computer it will not do anything when clicked on.
Will certainly keep your church friends in my prayers!

Have a fabulous week.
Sandy ;)