Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fit Flops

Have you heard of these? My friend Daisy at Daisy's Delights loves these. (I don't think she has blogged about them though). Anyway, I learned about them from her. Being a huge flip flop wearer, I planned to check them out. She got hers from Victoria's Secret online but today, I got an email from Bath & Body Works about them. They've been featured on Oprah, the Today show, and Good Morning America. They are supposed to be great for you and actually help tone your legs while wearing/walking in them. The photos below are from the email.

(Hope you can read that)

And they come in several colors:

Right now, B&BW is offering a deal for a very limited time. Go online and order your new FitFlops and if you do it in the next 2 days, gt a FREE "True Blue Spa Heel of Approval: with your purchase. That's a $15 purchase for free! Just enter the promo code SPAFITFLOP at checkout. And new to B&BW online, only $6.95 shipping for all economy shipping. Just a quote about Fitflops: "KentuckyRain" from London, Ky quotes on the email, "I'm Hooked! I can't imagine walking in anything else now...Just AWESOME, so comfortable and stylish. They really give you legs a good workout!...they are one of a kind!"

B&BW retails them for $ if you buy Reefs or Rainbows or most "good" flip flops, you know you are getting them at a good price! Check them out, and if you have a pair, post a comment about them!

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joan said...

Hi Jenn,

I have seen these but have not tried them. Hey it's worth a try and if they are comfortable too then it's worth it.