Sunday, August 17, 2008

And we are off again...

By the time you read this, we will either be on our way or already at the beach for the upcoming week. Don't worry...check back daily as I have pre-posted posts for everyday (LOVE THAT NEW FEATURE!!)

We are heading to Atlantic Beach, NC which we get to by going through the port city of Morehead City, NC, which is also the gateway to my favorite town of Beaufort, NC. I will blog about our vacation once we get back home, but here are some of the things we plan on doing...going bottom fishing for a 1/2 day on the Captain Stacy and checking out charter boats for when DH and I come back in October for the NC Seafood Festival. We plan to take a day that trip for some offshore deep sea fishing. (Anyone know of anyone who charters boats out of the Morehead City or Atlantic Beach docks?????) Hopefully the girls will decide to join us for the fishing on the Capt. Stacy.

Of course we plan to sun and swim as much as possible on the other days. Pray that old Fay (the tropical storm) doesn't turn into hurricane Fay and move up this way. Us North Carolinians don't like those "F" storms...Fran, Floyd, etc. If it does, I'm willing to ride it out if it stays a tropical storm, a Cat 1 or 2 but anything else...we're getting the you know what out of dodge!!

DH and I also plan to head over to Fort Macon State Park...a tradition for us, though the girls are adament they are not going this year. It's free, and you can tour the fort and see re-creations of activities at the fort from Civil war to WWII. But my favorite is going up top of the fort and looking out over the water and seeing the boats pass by and seeing our American flag waving proudly over the fort. Just a nice, pleasant place to visit...and then you can mosey over to the beach part of the park where there are rocks that just out into the ocean and beaches to play on.

The girls of course want to play miniature golf so we may ride up the island and see if there are any new courses, if not, then I guess we will play a round at our old standby...Professor Hacketts.

We may go bowling one night...we went July 4th before fireworks time and had a blast. So hopefully Carteret Lanes are still open and hopefully improved since the last time I was there years ago.

Of course, on the 22nd, we will be at the movies for the opening of The House Bunny. The girls have been awaiting the release of this movie for quite sometime. They told us this is a must during our vacation week. DH didn't even argue, but I am sure he will grumble once he sees what the movie is about.

And I am sure one night we will go out for a good seafood dinner. Hope to try somewhere new this year.

The rest of our days as I said earlier will hopefully be sunning and surfing and our nights will be grilling out, playing Spades (love this as a family), and watching DVD's...we don't get very good tv reception and don't bother turning on cable every summer.

So when I come home, hopefully very tan and relaxed, my hardwood floors will be complete (they are doing them while we are away) and our home will be ready to return to normal. And by the time everything is back in it's place (new or old), furniture picked up from upholsterers, and house CLEANED, it will be time for DH and I to head back to the beach again!! Oh happy day!


Kristen said...

Thanks for leaving me a comment! Hope you're having a great time at the beach!

joan said...

Hope you had fun at the beach. I have to visit North Carolina someday, I really want to see the Outer Banks. Have fun.

preppy little dress said...

nc seafood festival - sounds yummy, wish i could go! i enjoy reading your blog and have added you to my favorites!