Thursday, September 11, 2008

Forget the sunsets...let us remember...

I had promised you wonderful sunsets for today's post, but I think it most appropriate that we remember the tragedy that shook American soil 7 years ago today. It seems like just yesterday in many ways. But to also take time out to thank the American military for what they have done to keep another attack from happening here at home, and their families that give up so much so that their loved ones can continue to keep us out of harm's way and keep us the land of the free and the home of the Brave.

Do you remember where you were when it all happened? I was at work. I couldn't believe it. It took forever to get anything to load on the internet because everyone was scrambling to get info, watch live film coverage, etc. That night, I went to church, and I cried and I prayed. For all those who perished, for the family members of the missing, lost, and gone.

I prayed for those brave firefighters and police who came to try and help and rescue and restore some sort of order.

I prayed for those on United Flight 93 who kept the terrorists for turning back to our nation's capitol...people like Todd Beamer and others, who did all the could. Whose last words to the others were, "Let's Roll. Well Todd, "Roll on"! And lastly I prayed for my family and for me. That somehow, by God's hands, we were safe and now back together. We will NEVER forget 9/11.

But as the photo above shows to Never Forget, let's also remember those that Never Surrender. Forget you political affiliations, forget your stance on war, but never forget those that never surrender....our military and their families!! I know it's not Memorial Day or Veteran's Day, but it is 9/11...should you run into a military member, stop and thank them. It's hard and the words don't always come out the way they should, but they will appreciate it and you will appreciate the kind did you have done. If your at a restaurant or fast food joint, buy their meal (I did on the way to Florida in June...I don't know who it touched more, the 2 soldiers or me), if they are in the gas line (yes, gas prices are high) but offer to fill up their tank or pay for part of it. Do something, if only, say Thank You!

(come back tomorrow for some sunsets)


preppy little dress said...

great tribute, makes mine rather trite! ha! ha!

joan said...

We should never forget. I remember almost every detail of that day. Thanks for the tribute.