Monday, September 15, 2008

Just dropping in for a quick second...

To tell you about a great website that Preppy Little Dress led me to...Tastebook. You can do it all online or actually create your own cookbooks. I don't know about you but I have so many great recipes from friends, families, recipe swaps, other cookbooks, magazines, etc. but need a way to organize them. I have started on 3 online cookbooks that when I finish, I will actually order a "hardbound" copy to have on hand so I can get rid of messed up recipe cards, magazine pages, email printouts, word documents, etc. And hopefully, I can also compile one that I can give my girls when either they move out on their own or get married for them to start with.

Thanks Preppy Little Dress for the wonderful heads up about the site.


preppy little dress said...

oh no, look what i started! isn't that site amazing! i wish i thought of it 1st! ha! ha!

sounds like you are enjoying making your tastebooks! i love mine, finally cookbooks with my fav recipes!!!

thanks for mentioning my blog, much appreciated!!

:) ME

Rebecca said...

Hey Jenn! I've had you in my thoughts lately and thought I'd pop in and see whats been up with you. I love your beach trip pictures, especially sunsets. Doesn't the beach just do wonders for the soul? Love you!

preppy little dress said...

i left a little something for you on my blog!