Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thank you Preppy Little Dress...

For presenting me with this wonderful award. Apparently there isn't any specific rules for this award but I do want to pass on the love and pay it forward....

So I present this award to the following bloggers:
I present this award to you for your undying love to each other and the fact that your DH serves our country so bravely and so proudly. Thank you both!!
I present this award for everything you do for your community, your love of the Pack, and for being a wonderful lil southern belle!
Rebecca @ In Every Season
I present this award to you just because you are you and you know how much I love you!!!
I present this award to you for your obvious love and devotion to your family and friends!!
I present this award to you...just because. I love reading your blog, your photos are fabulous, there is such sweetness to everything you write...and you are just lovely!
For my readers, I hope you check out these blogs if you haven't before. You will be in for a real treat.
Award recipients, I hope you do the same and pass the love around and pay if forward as I have.


The Adventures of Maverick & the Mrs. said...

Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for the award!!! You MADE MY DAY!!! I hope that you're having a fabulous week!

Lisa said...

Thank you - such kind words!! Have a great week!!

Pearls and Grace said...

Thank you so much! How incredibly sweet of you!
I had no idea that you gave me this little award but came over and wanted to leave you a comment to say thank you for all of YOUR sweet comments on my blog regarding the birth of our new son. I enjoyed reading your blog and I am trying to play catch up with my commenting. Thank you again for the award, for all of your kind words! It is so nice to "meet you"!