Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Don't Bungee Jump Naked!

This is Jeanne Robertson. A NC native, motivational speaker, and a former Miss Congeniality winner in the Miss America pageant. She is so funny, engaging, and clean! Please check out her website and check out more hilarious videos on YouTube and iTunes. And make sure you watch the entire video above, you want see the last line coming and it is probably the funniest. Enjoy!


Lisa said...

I just watched it and could not stop laughing. I had my husband watch it after I was finished and I bet you could hear him all the way from Raleigh.

Thanks for sharing. I will definitely be looking at more videos

Your Christmas tree looked beautiful. I loved that paper!

bevysblog said...

Too funny! Oh... and we are almost connected on Twitter. I think you have to approve me. Can't wait!

Miss Janice said...

My Lord, she was one of the guest speakers at a "Southern Lady" convention I attended. How classy, beautiful, and funny she is! I love her. I could not hear this video...your music was playing and I couldn't get it to go lower while turning up the volume of the video. I will check out her site...LOVE her!

Debbie Moore said...

I loved the video, Sooo funny, I sent it on to my sis who is a inspirational peaker/communication teacher, she loved it too. Thanks for sharing. I love your blog too, lots of great posts.