Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year's Eve

Last night, the husband and I went to the Duke vs. Penn men's basketball game. The husband gave me the tickets for a surprise Christmas present. In our presence was Denzel Washington!!

(pic taken on camera phone off ESPN2 by my mother during the game)

His son plays for Penn...pretty smart kid...and although pretty small for a bball player and only a freshman, I was quite impressed. Great ball handler and runs the plays pretty good. Unfortunately for him and his team, my Devils whooped up for a New Year's eve bashing! Pretty cool...DW was in our little city for New Year's Eve. After the game, we, and many others who had attended the game, made our way to the local Outback. The food itself was pretty good but the overall dining experience was not desirable at all. Home before all the drunks hit the road in all the horrific fog we had. Unfortunately, both the husband and I fell asleep before the ball dropped.

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bevysblog said...

Isn't it amazing? You went to bed BEFORE midnight on New Year's Eve and the New Year came anyway! Happens every year, and every year I am still pleasantly surprised... LOL