Thursday, April 15, 2010

Update #2 - The Roomie & The Dorm Room

DD found her roomie for next year through Facebook!! We learned this from a fellow church member whose daughter was starting Clemson last year and knew no one. Well, most colleges have FB fan pages and many fan pages are created off of those. Using their advice, we found that our college of choice had a fan page for the class of 2014. New students were introducing themselves and one even started a roomie questionnaire! As we perused the many introductions and entries for the questionnaire, we found a few that we thought might make good fits with DD. She contacted several and seems to really hit it out the park with one of them. The girl lives 1 city away (about 30 minutes from our home) and they have so much in common but enough differences that should make it really work. They texted, they emailed, they talked, and they met. Miss E came to visit us and DD, Miss E, and I went shopping. At Belk, they found the bedding displayed that they really want. And although it was on sale at Belk, it was also on sale at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Plus I had a coupon from BB&B. They chose Nautica's Torrey Beach Bedding as the basis of their dorm room decor:
DD's sheets will be monogrammed with her name in the bright pink of the sheet and pillowcase.

DD's fav colors are pink & green and Miss E likes those colors as well. DD will be using pink as the basis for all of her accessories and Miss E will be using green. It should be a very cute room!

This is what the room layout looks like:

Your basic dorm room, each has a bed, a desk, and a closet. They will share a dresser, 2 drawers each! Thank goodness for underbed storage!! They also have a sink in their room. And a huge window! Hopefully their room will have a view of the pool and beach volleyball court!

All furniture other than closet and sink are moveable and the beds are bunkable as well as adjustable. Will play with a room planner to configure best solution for the girls. Of course, these are obviously the before, I promise to take after pictures once all is set up and decorated.

(PS: Lisa...they have AZD, Chi-O, and Tri-Sig)

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Kate said...

I LOVE the bedding! Very cute. I wish my dorm rooms had had sinks!