Friday, April 16, 2010

Update #3 - The Prom Dress

The day Miss E, DD, and I went shopping, we decided to run into Nordstom's and pick up the undergarments for prom. We were planning to order DD's prom dress (found online and gorgeous) the next day. We wanted the undergarments first to ensure we had taken proper measurements. While DD and Miss E went full spead ahead to the lingerie/foundations department, mom (me) just happened to notice the excellent selection of evening gowns in store this season. (Slim pickings the last few years). After purchasing undergarments, we went back to the evening gowns and DD decided to try on a few. Once she put the following dress on, that was it. It was the perfect fit and the perfect length! (And for dear mom, the perfect price!) Now normally, DD would never choose red as her dress and these pictures do not do the dress justice at all, but the gown is gorgeous and DD looks absolutely beautiful in it! We have the shoes, we have the dress, date has the tux, now all we need are the earrings, evening bag, and flowers (picked out and ordered on the flowers that is).

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Lisa said...

I love this dress! My daughter went to a fraternity formal last week and wore a short royal blue dress just like this. She said it was so comfortable and easy to wear all night. (I'm posting pictures of it soon.) Your daughter is going to look great in it!

Cannot believe it is prom season already!!! Graduation is just around the corner. How are you holding up?