Monday, July 26, 2010

Marathon Monday

I am going to try and give you a quick rundown of our vacation week. I will be so glad when I have a digital camera of my own and I will provide many more pictures. We could not have asked for better weather, especially for late July in Florida.

As you know, we departed Saturday morning for the Sunshine State:
Sydney "enjoying" the long trip down

Doodlebug and her DS...not sure what to think

Sunday was definitely pool day. My daddy, honey and I spent most of the day lounging by the lazy river and taking the occasional ride through to cool off. The girls, Miss Brooke and Sydney (her bestie), did their thing. It is nice that they can do their own things. Sunday night we cooked fajitas and mexican rice for dinner. It was early to bed and early to rise.

Monday, we headed to Universal Studios Orlando. We means my brother, SIL, doodlebug, and her friend Maddie, as well as honey, Miss Brooke, Sydney and me. We took in almost every ride and got some great pictures. Here are a few:

Entering Universal Studios

Honey and JAWS

Maddie and Doodlebug trying to save Miss Brooke and Sydney from JAWS!
I personally don't know if they can be saved : )

Leaving Universal with Sydney & Miss Brooke's signature pose!

And finally, looking towards CityWalk and 1 of Jimmy Buffett's personal planes that he had dismantled and put back together specifically for Margarittaville Orlando.

Tuesday was another day by the pool, same crowd. The 4 girls spent quite a bit of time together in the lazy river. Daddy, Honey, and I tried out the Hippo several times. And Honey and I went and played Bingo by the pool in "West Village".

The Hippo
I so wish I had a camera to capture the shots of my daddy and my honey coming down the slide. It was so much fun. We did it several times.

Late Tuesday afternoon, Maddie & Doodlebug were out in the lazy river with honey and me. They were so adorable in the water. A quick afternoon rain shower appeared and we did hear a rumble of thunder so out of the water and back up to the villa. Everyone had their showers. The rain shower probably lasted 10 minutes and no more thunder. Oh well. We had a spaghetti & salad dinner. Afterwards, honey and I challenged my daddy & brother to a game of Spades. It felt wonderful on the screened in balcony. Gorgeous looking out over the "river" and pools, and lighted buildings, a golf course and the horizon. It was almost mystical. Music coming from the "Tradewinds". My "girls" headed out for an evening of miniature golf.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Tying it up Tuesday!

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