Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tying it up Tuesday...

Trying to tie up the vacation for you...

Wednesday we (same group as Monday) headed for Universal's Islands of Adventures.

Miss Brooke & Sydney with "The Incredible Hulk" roller coaster and the 2 tower drops.
(Forgot the real name of the ride.)
SIL, Maddie, Doodlebug, & Miss Brooke on a ride.
Miss Brooke & Sydney hanging out with Spidey at the Spiderman ride.

Then it was off the "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter". We were fortunate to find out a little known secret. You can request an entry time to enter the hallowed gates of the WWHP. If you didn't have the entry time, you generally waited 3 hours to enter. Just to enter the shops were a 1-2 hour wait. We didn't go in any shops. We walked around the area. And rode the main ride. You start by a walking tour through the school and end up on a "simulator-type ride". Harry Potter fans will absolutely go crazy. My honey, who knows absolutely NADA about HP thought this ride was the best all time "ride" or "attraction" he had ever been on in his life. I think we all agreed. The following pictures show parts of the "Wizarding World of Harry Potter":
And outside of WWHP..then home...

for a night of dancing & goofing off:

Thursday, we were back at the resort. Another day of lounging, floating through the lazy river, HIPPO sliding, and bingo. Basically, RELAXATION!

Thursday night, everyone, including my parents headed over to CityWalk for "Dinner & a Movie".  Since this trip was all about CELEBRATION: Miss Brooke's graduation, her 18th birthday, and her send off to college, Miss Brooke had her choice for dinner. Lucky for me, she choose my favorite:

We had a great time and the staff really played up the fact it was Miss Brooke's birthday dinner. The "balloon guy on stilts" really had Miss Brooke and Sydney hamming it up for the crowd. After the "Volcano" blew, everyone sings Margaritaville. Miss Brooke and Sydney were the "lost shakers of salt". I really wish the pictures turned out where you could see them. It was so much fun and they are quite the performers!! "Balloon guy" made Miss Brooke a balloon birthday cake hat, the "little ones" Parrot balloon hats, and Sydney a pretty flower. We all ate great meals and had a great time singing and "acting" as if we were at a concert and not a restaurant. Miss Brooke and Sydney actually got the "little ones" up and had them dancing in the aisle. They loved it.

After Margaritaville, we headed over the the movie complex. Brother, SIL, Doodlebug, and Maddie went to see one movie. Miss Brooke and Sydney went to see Knight and Day with Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise. Mother, Daddy, Honey, and I went to see The Grown Ups. If you want to see a very FUNNY, laughing until you fall out of your chair funny movie, then go see this one. Adam Sandler is at his best. It also stars David Spade, Chris Rock and others. A great movie.

Friday, our last day of vacation, and the tropical storm was starting to head our way. We did manage some swim time and the last ride on the HIPPO and our last game of Bingo. The rain finally started early afternoon so we spent the rainy time finishing our Spades game and drinking smoothies (children and adult versions).

Here is Miss Sydney drinking her banana smoothie with chocolate syrup and whipped topping.
I do believe something is topping her!

Since this was Miss Brooke's actual birthday, Sydney took her out to eat at one of the restaurants at the resort. After dinner, Miss Brooke came back to find a surprise:

Happy 18th "Brookie Doodles"


sreynolds999 said...

Love the cake. Who made and decorated it?

Beaufort Belle said...

Believe it or not, it was made that afternoon by Publix grocery store. We couldn't get in touch with the lady the concierge had given us (concierge couldn't get in touch with her after initial contact either). So I took my stack of pictures (most of them being fondant) and we took the 2 middle tiers out of a 4 tier cake. It was one of the best cakes we have ever had.