Friday, August 27, 2010

Fashion Friday Part 2

Instead of actually posting some fashion pics or even a polyvore set I have put together, I am going to rant a little. I know it seems I have done quite a bit of that this week and I apologize, but this came up on the Re-Lilly Group on Facebook. It is something that has bothered me for quite some time.

It is something I have run across for many years now. Clothes sizing!! Now please don't think I am picking on the girls that still can wear children's sizes, 0's, 2's, XS, etc. I used to be that girl myself. HOWEVER, if you watched the Lilly sale last week. The larger sizes went first and smaller sizes were left on many things. I am short, and I am overweight...much of the weight issue has to do with my medical problems and medications. Part of the weight issue is because I just don't exercise. It's not that I don't have time, I really don't have the energy or drive to do so, and I know that regardless, I will be extremely exhausted, not sleep, and be in much pain afterwards. It is my problem, and I try to deal with it mentally.

I have digressed. Even if I lost weight, I would still be is a family trait. And my daughter follows in my footsteps in that area as well. We have to find clothes to fit that area. I was very fortunate in the Lilly sale to find as much as I did and it fits me very well. But I would have bought much more if the larger sizes did not go so fast. AND I have since learned that many of the Lilly items that were in the sale were not even produced over a size 10!

Today, I hit RueLaLa for the Tahari Boutique. I love their suits and they had some wonderful winter coats. The larger sizes were gone, all that was left was XS! I run into the same thing in the stores, especially boutiques. I don't wear women's sizes but I know ladies who do, but will never fit in a Lilly dress.

Thank goodness for Ralph Lauren, even though his ads always show the tall and slim ladies, he makes clothes for women of all shapes and sizes. I am so glad he is one of my favorites.

Wake up designers, Wake up Lilly!! Please make more larger sizes (up to 16 or even women's sizes and cut for those in that size) and make sure you make enough larger sizes for the average size ladies (14-16 believe it or not) to have the chance to purchase items before they run out. Ask in clothing specialist what size they sale out the fastest next time you are in a department store (including NM and Nordy's and Saks) and you favorite may just be surprised!

Off my soapbox and on to wear some of my new Lilly that I was actually able to buy!


AtlYankeeBelle said...

thank you for saying this! I have the hardest time finding cute clothes. Im on a budget so I shop old navy and target and they have like 1 of each item in my size and its gone so fast. I would love love love to wear lilly, but none of it fits me :( The few plus size shops for women my age are way too $$ or their stuff isnt preppy or work appropriate. vent over :)

Miss Janice said...

I have a friend who is absolutely beautiful and wants to wear Lilly so bad, but they don't make the shifts in her size...I have no idea why this is????! Yes, it needs to change!

Lisa said...

Being a textiles major, I can tell you one of the biggest issues plaguing the industry that we learned about over and over again are sizing issues - from using standards that haven't been updated since the 50's to having sizing tolerances that make quality control a major issue (a 4 can pass for a 2 and vice versa) - it's a HUGE issue when it comes to consumer sanctification, in my book.

Old As Time said...

Well said, DD, well said!

Sarah Beth - Dixie Gator Gal said...

I totally agree. I have gained more than a few pounds in the past few years, and what makes me the saddest is not being able to fit into my extensive lilly collection. Hopefully I will be able to fit into all my fun dresses again soon (and add to the collection).