Monday, August 23, 2010

Please forgive my pity party...

I guess it was just hitting me hard last night and I needed to vent. And I was sniffling all through the typing. I hoped it all made sense. Rebecca, my dear, sweet friend, thank you for everything!! They do have to grow up, don't they?? I know you experienced the same thing. We are so much alike, it can be scary! LOL

Thank you AtlantaYankeeBelle. I remember being homesick when I first went to college, and I didn't have a good start. And part of that is because of an upcoming event anniversay this week.

This week is always very emotional for me. I think last night was the start of it. When I went to college in 1986 (yes, I'm sort of telling my age), I moved into my dorm, and then my mom and I headed to the beach for one last weekend. (Difference with Miss Brooke, her orientation is going on now and has been since Friday. Classes start tomorrow.) I had lived at the beach all summer prior as a way for my mom and I to "wean" ourselves from each other. She would come down to our place on Friday nights and usually go home early Monday mornings. And long distant calls were few due to price. That was a good thing for us to do. However, when I returned Sunday evening and my mom had left, I called my beloved grandfather who was in the hospital at Duke and was to have surgery on Monday morning, Aug 25, my first day of classes at college. He told me that Sunday night to study hard but to have lots of fun. He told me he loved me but he would never see me again. I told him that yes he would, he would come through surgery just fine. We again told each other we love you and hung up. That was the last time we talked to each other as my grandfather passed away during surgery. And that last conversation I held private, between him and me, for many years without sharing. My parents picked me back up from college that Monday night and on Tuesday, my 18th birthday (yes, my birthday is this coming Thursday), I was helping pick out his casket and songs for his funeral. We tried to joke around it in saying that my grandfather gave me the best present for my 18th birthday, I got to ride around most of the day in a limo. I missed several days of classes and the opportunity to miss out on events that led to meeting new friends. Plus I had a horrific roommate, and we won't go there.

I was quite homesick, but luckily it was fall and football season! : )  My mom and I talked occasionally on the phone, but we also wrote letters, real letters, and mailed them. It was always exciting to check my mailbox! (which luckily was downstairs in my dorm, no walking to another building to check mail LOL)

So please forgive me pity party, this week is a rough week for me. I don't think she is homesick, I know she loves college and all the great fun she is having already and all the people she is meeting. I also know that she loves me, and that she misses me dearly. And probably more than I think she does.

I guess it comes down to me missing her more than I was prepared to do.

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Leelee said...

Your post really touched oldest daughter went back to school for her junior year and it is still son is a senior in high school this year and it is bittersweet to name the "lasts" for him in high school... sending one to college calls up so many memories...sad and happy...I am hoping that she has some good happenings to call and game preparations,new friends and fun events on campus that will help you remember the good times in college...but I do know how you feel....I still cry when mine drives away...take care...