Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tying it all up Tuesday...

Hopefully, I will get everything all tied up today and we can basically relax and enjoy each other's company for the remainder of the week.

Our church does something different in August. We do "Month of Mondays" with a guest preacher every Monday night. August is a time when many people vacation and miss the regular services on Sunday, so they can still come on Monday nights. Also, we do Monday, so that some of the guest preachers can preach at their home church on Sundays and then travel and preach with us on Mondays. Last night was one of the most beloved guest preachers. He is definitely a favorite, the sanctuary is usually overflowing when he comes to preach, and we are lucky enough, that when he comes, he comes early, and preaches all 3 services on Sunday morning as well. If you are wondering who this man of God is...
his name is:
Dr. Danny Forshee.

He is the founder of the Danny Forshee Evangelistic Association.

I want bore you with his bio but for all my Texan readers, he does live in Texas and his home church is Great Hills Baptist Church, Austin, TX. If you ever get the chance to hear this man speak, whether you are a Christian or not, you will be touched, you will be filled, you will be learning, you will be entertained (laughing quite a bit),
and you will leave thinking a great deal!

He is very enthusiastic and passionate for the Love of God, and he gets so excited and comes up with some of the funniest things while "talking" to you, but you get so much out of it. Last night, he re-preached, in his words, sharing the words, of one of the best sermons to have ever been preached since creation. He re-preached The Sermon on the Mount. Enough about Dr. Forshee. Check out his website, he does have a blog, and if he is ever in your neck of the woods, please check him out at least once.

Also, at the end of the service, our Pastor called out my daughter's name. He found her as we were all in the back row (again, the church was packed) and recognized her for winning the NC Baptist Scholarship and let the church know what a true honor that was. So many people stopped by to congratulate her. I was a proud mama!

Now to get away from blogland for awhile. I have 2 phone calls to make, send back a package, check some package tracking numbers (the one thing I thought was going to be the last to arrive, arrived today, 2 days earlier than the 1st expected delivery date WOOHOO!), then on to finish monogramming for the dorm room and finishing up more decor items!

Have a Terrific Tuesday!!


Rebecca said...

Hi Jenn! Just wanted to pop in and say hello, and that you're in my thoughts today. Hope you are well sweet friend!

Old As Time said...

There was a proud Nana there, too! And Papa was beaming as well! :)

I totally agree - Dr. Danny Forshee is a fantastic preacher and makes everyone feel relaxed and right at home.. I'm sure you will agree if you ever get the chance to hear him preach!