Thursday, September 16, 2010

Beaufort Home Tour

One of the many things I love about Beaufort (NC) is it's beautiful homes. Many of these date back to the 1700's and are registered historical homes. Some hold no importance in history but are still glorious old homes. Beaufort has an Historic District that encompasses many small city blocks. However, I have chosen to only share houses with you that are on Front Street and have a waterfront view. The houses are on the backside of the street and the water and docks are across the street. Most, but not all have their own private water access that is gated and some of the gates are as beautiful as the homes.

LOVE this home and gardens.

Beautiful landscaping

Very old home with stone entrance. It is the garden of the month.

This is an historic building. It was originally a school in the 1700's.
It is now a private residence.
If you look between the windows on the first level, you can see the historic plaque.

This is a newer home but built in the same tradition of many of the homes on Front Street.

Wish I could have the front view, but this angle still shows plenty.

This is more along the cottage/Cape Cod style home. Hard to shoot because of the tree in front of the front door.

Again a newer home in the old style.

Again a newer home and one of the view that are shingle style.

Love this home for some reason, quite quaint!

This home has been reproduced by architect William Poole of Wilmington, NC
and is entitled, "The Beaufort."

The water view and private dock from the above house.

Another water view but at an angle. Nice little lots to go with the access.

Love this house for many reasons. But also, it not only has private access across the sreet, it has a "creek" that is deep water access right beside it!

Better view of the creek.

Home among the trees. Love the brick surround.

Again, love this one in the trees, could use a better fence : )

Lastly, this one was once white but current owners have painted tan.

One day, my dream will come true,
and I will live in one of these houses on
Front Street, Beaufort, NC!


Mary Warshaw said...

Mary Warshaw here. Just stumbled on your site. Very nice. The Dr. Charles Duncan house--705 Front w/stone wall--is actually a turn of the century--circa 1913. It's the one that was actually moved from the corner to make way for the post office in the 1930s. I hope you are familiar with my Beaufort book and sites:

Mary Warshaw said...

I plugged in the wrong URL above. It should have been