Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday, family, freebie, and follow-up!

First off, a little fashion...
Have you heard of The Magic of Kameleon?
I must be in the dark about this new jewelry line.
They are interchangeable fashion accessories. Mostly jewelry, but also sunglasses and belts and such.
You purchase say a ring, and then you choose a "jewel pop" to put in your ring. You can collect as many jewel pops as you would like so that the 1 ring can match as many outfits as you would like.
Kameleon Jewelry does come with a warning: "Collecting JewelPops is Highly Addictive!"
I found them in a cute little boutique at the beach and there were several ladies in there picking up jewel pops for friends for shower gifts and birthday presents, and a few for themselves.
Check out the following for more info and a video explaining how Kameleon works:


Next, a little family fun...
"Nana", "Papa" and I will be shoving off around noon or so to go visit Miss Brooke at college for Family Weekend. Lots of events planned...lacrosse scrimmage, tailgate party, 1st home football game, soccer game, and Toy Story 3 in the outdoor ampitheater. Plus a few meals here and there. So I doubt I'll be around to post this weekend UNLESS Miss Brooke allows us some time in the dorm room for me to use her laptop!

Go Bulldogs!!


and let's add that I am going to be doing a giveaway next week. Just a few details for now... you will need to follow my blog, follow my daughter's blog (the link is over there on the right), you will also need to follow the blog and maybe more of the person that is with me on this giveaway. Of course, you will have to post, tweet, comment, etc for more entries. Now I am partially doing this because I adore this person's items, and I adore my daughter's blog and would really like to see her have more followers. She is in college, preppy, loves Lilly. Her blog name says it all...Pink, Pearls, and a Southern Girl.

So watch Monday or Tuesday for details on this giveaway. It will be great! And please check out my daughter's blog.


Finally, finishing up our trip last week...

Honey and I try to venture down to Fort Macon just to walk around. It is free and worth visiting. To our surprise and delight, when we arrived there, the new entry building had opened and it is beautiful. I can so picture a wedding reception outdoors on the terrace. It had great memorabilia, a wonderful gift shop (much bigger than before, of course), and a wonderful video of the history of Fort Macon, NC. Fort Macon is one of very few forts built below ground level. It was occupied by both the union and the confederacy during the War of Agression. It has been turned into a state park and then remanned during the World Wars to watch out for German U-boats. If you ever get the chance, please visit Fort Macon. You can still see where cannon balls cracked the brick structure and even rolled down the original steps.

We actually saw something new this time. Portraits being made. That's right. Two couples were having engagement photos inside the fort, and a bride was having her bridal portrait around the fort and up with water view, and as we were leaving, a family came in with their khaki and white for their family "beach" portraits to be made. Here are our usual photos that we take every time we visit:

Honey sitting on the outer wall of the Fort. A canon would have been mounted on that cement square to the right. And you can see the channel behind him.

A sailboat going out towards the ocean for a sunset sail.

A yacht heading out to sea.

And since we were visiting on 9/11 here is the American Flag

We usually take a few walks up onto the pier just to see if anyone is catching anything or if it is worth pier fishing at the time. Sometimes we look for dophins, and the boats out on the water. Sometimes, we watch the surfers, or people frolicking on the beach, and many times we watch the sunset. As always, I look at the many different styles of houses dotting our seashore.

But this time, we also got a view that I was not able to capture on film. We had 3 sharks swimming around our pier. And not just any old sand shark. I am assuming either a black tip or tiger shark, wasn't close enough to determine. But they hung by the pier for 2 days, and on the last day, we watched a gentleman drop some fish and that shark came right up to the surface and got it. They were probably 7-10 ft sharks. I don't think the surfers minded too much.

I know the little bird and I didn't mind... we just enjoyed the view!

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing.

Miss Char said...

Enjoy the weekend with Brooke, those college years are special especially during football season.