Saturday, September 04, 2010

Welcome Back Cobbler??? It's Southern Fried Saturday

Now y'all know I love Garden & Gun magazine. And as much as I love getting the magazine, I sometimes love the newsletter more. Why, you may ask? The newsletter picks one article to focus on, to catch you, to make you want to read more.

Imagine my surprise when this week's newsletter came with the article, "Welcome Back Cobbler"... not Kotter all of you 70's TV fans, but COBBLER. That good southern eatin' after supper kind of cobbler.

But way, another surprise, this one is not the kind you eat... it is the kind you DRINK!

With fresh citrus juice, raspberries, and peach brandy, this updated cobbler is perfect for porchi sipping.
(Photo by Winnie Lee)

From Talk of the South (G&G newsletter):

History has a way of repeating itself, especially in the cocktail world, where these days it seems everything old is new again. And while we’ve enjoyed our share of classics like the old-fashioned or the Sazerac, we’d never crossed paths with a cobbler until cocktail guru Charlotte Voisey introduced us to the drink, an American invention thought to be one of the first cocktails to use ice. “The cobbler dates back to the 1830s and is served over crushed ice that resembles cobblestones, hence the name of the drink,” says Voisey.

Turns out it’s one rerun well worth revisiting. Voisey, who has designed drinks for bars around the world, created a Southern spin on the original, using peach brandy in lieu of the traditional sherry, Hendrick’s gin, fresh citrus juice, raspberries, and mint to garnish. Equal parts tart and sweet, it packs just the right punch to help weather the remaining dog days of summer.


Lowcountry Cobbler
Yield: one serving

1 ½ oz. Hendrick’s gin
½ oz. peach brandy
½ oz. simple syrup
½ oz. fresh lemon juice
4 raspberries
Mint, for garnish

Combine all ingredients and shake well. Pour into a rocks glass, julep cup, or small mason jar. Top with crushed ice, and garnish with a fresh mint sprig.

Enjoy your porch sippin' and your porch swingin',
and y'all have a Southern Fried Saturday!

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