Friday, December 02, 2011


4th of July! I know... You are thinking I am just bonkers! Why is it that today I am posting about Independence Day?

Today my husband called and told me he has the entire week of July 4th for vacation! He also secured the week of September 4th as well! I am so excited for multiple reasons. We started dating on July 4th and we can always celebrate that day because it is a federal holiday, but also I LOVE Independence Day at the beach. And the vacation schedule in his office never allows him the week off and only the day after if the holiday falls on Saturday! The reason I am so excited about the week of Labor Day is that our wedding anniversary is September 4th. And when he told me he has that entire week off, he added, "so we can go somewhere for our anniversary." 

He still has about 100 hours that are not carried over to use next year. I know he will take 2 more weeks but we usually take mini vacations of 3-4 days, usually in late September and October and he turns the remainder back in when it gets closer to times he has off.

I feel like Christmas came today!

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