Saturday, December 03, 2011

Santa Claus is coming to town... By boat!

This evening is the Morehead City to Beaufort flotilla. The Christmas parade where floats really do float! I had planned to be there as parades on the water are just beautiful. Remember me mentioning my excitement about being able to spend next year's July 4th at the beach! If you choose to watch the fireworks by boat and you stay around the waterfronts, it is dark with the small lights on the boats all lit up on the water and the fireworks lighting up the night sky. The flotilla is almost the opposite in that they boats almost light up the sky but instead they light up the water like fireworks while stars sparkle in the night sky.

The Christmas flotilla adds even more magic to the season! I so wish I was able to go and wish even more that you could join me!

Who says reindeer HAVE to fly?

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