Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Christmas and Customer Service

I think that one of the most important attributes a person can have is excellent interpersonal skills. During the holidays, many sales people become very frustrated as they are forced to use a certain greeting to be, so called, politically correct. They have to face angry customers, just plain rude customers, the hustle and bustle of the crowds, and the most awful work schedules!
Now is the time they should be stepping up and putting their best foot forward.

I do not tolerate poor customer service, ANYWHERE! I will try to discuss whatever the matter may be with the sales person or customer service, and if a resolution is not found or an attitude doesn't change, I go to the manager. Or I will just walk out without purchasing a thing. For those on commission, some have lost pretty big sales by the way I am and have been treated. If I am not waited on promptly, if a sales rep is chit-chatting it up with a friend instead of waiting on me or the next person in line, that is a problem. I have actually quit shopping at a favorite store,shop, or boutique, or if it is a department store, I will actually go to another mall, even if it is in another city.

Now I can be grouchy and I can get very frustrated, and many times, especially during the holidays, I go into a store on a mission. However, I try to be as nice and cheerful as I can be. I love when I can get to know certain sales people well and they get to know me. Having that type of relationship is wonderful. How else can you find out about sales and special events ahead of schedule??

However, what if you do much of your shopping online?? I know I shopped 3 online stores on Cyber Monday. One was actually on Tuesday because of server issues from to much activity and the CM sale was carried over throughout the day on Tuesday. I know #2 and #3 have excellent customer service as I have shopped with them online before.

The first store I shopped is a store I found online through the blogging world (they have a blog and an online store) and I signed up for updates via email. I received their email regarding Cyber Monday and knew that 2 things I needed I could get from this vendor. I will say that before I made my purchase I checked some other places both online and in stores before going with this vendor.

I am so glad I choose this vendor!
 When shopping from online boutiques (and even ebay), I pay attention to every little detail. How easy the purchase process is, shipping and handling, ability to return the item and how to do so before I ever make that first purchase. If needed, how easily it is to contact customer service. Lastly, when my purchase arrives, how was it packaged. I know how much it costs to ship packages (you can put in the to and from destinations and approximate weight on the website - USPS, UPS, FedEx - and it will tell you the actual cost just to ship. I also know know that many times, vendors overcharge for their handling fees, especially when all they do is use a box from the shipping service, throw your purchase in there and cram some brown packing paper in the box.

Let me receive a package shipped the way the package I received yesterday (and it was through the USPS) and I will forever be a customer. They way it was actually packaged is well worth the handling fees, and because it was CM, shipping and handling was free in addition to the sale price!

I know you are dying to know who the vendor is...

My wonderful vendor is The Preppy Princess!
The box was delivered intact thanks to both Preppy Princess and the USPS. The merchandise was safely secured with the good ole kraft shipping paper. But the merchandise was packaged so lovely. Though hard to tell, there are 2 items there, each individually wrapped in tissue. (I did not indicate that this may or may not be gifts so that made it even better!) Then the 2 individual items were tied together with pink and green ribbon to go with the adorable pink and green tissue. A wonderful thank you note was slipped under the ribbon. I would have been tickled receiving it just as it was at this point. Preppy Princess took it a step further. That bundled package was insered into a plastic "bag" and tied closed with another pink ribbon!! Superior handling and what a wonderful way to see a purchase when removing from the generic shipping boxes provided from whatever service you choose! Now I am not sure if I am going to give either of these as gifts or if I am going to keep them for myself as I could use both items. But if I chose to gift them, I can give as it or just slip into a colored gift bag.

Yesterday, it was overcast when my package arrived but when I opened it and found the above, it became a sunny Monday for me!

Thank you again Preppy Princess!

(on a side note to the customer service reps and sales people out there, in these economic times, with plenty of people looking for jobs, if you don't straighten up and provide better, friendlier service, you will lose your job, and someone really needing a job will get yours!)

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Anonymous said...

You are the reason we love what we do, thank you for such high praise, we are more-than-flattered!

Sending you a smile Miss Belle,