Thursday, December 08, 2011


Girl's Night Out
OK girls, you have been shopping your hearts out, attending galas and cocktail parties, or you are just plain tired of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, including all the baking (yum yum) and gift wrapping. If you have kids, the holiday season always winds them up and you just need to get away! Time for a Girl's Night Out with your best girlfriends.

Maybe you just want a relaxing night out (that can sometimes change as the night goes on and the drinks continue) for dinner. I happen to LOVE sweater dresses. There are so many to choose from this year. Since this is a relaxing night out, you make think my color choices are on the mundane side, but sarcastically she states, this is my blog and these are what I choose to showcase.

First outfit I would not change one bit. I like it just as it is:

Lovely charcoal gray (yes, charcoal gray can be lovely) with black opaque hose or tights, and black, to-the-knee boots! Take it easy on the accessories as this dress is cable knit so you have plenty of texture and design. But take it up a notch with a great pair of colorful dangling earrings OR a long necklace, NOT BOTH. Or with the gray, some great silver options. Maybe simple, but larger, silver hoops, and a silver statement piece on the wrist. Perfect for those 3/4 length with a slight ruffle sleeves. I can not identify the boots. The dress is a Tahari by Arthur S Levine and is on sale on the Nordstom website for 33% off.

My second outifit is a Calvin Klein Cable Knit faux wrap. Wrap dresses look good on almost everyone! If you don't have a shape, or maybe a little larger woman, the wrap defines a waist line well. I love this color!

Does this not make your back side look fabulous??? I would definitely be adding the Spanxx! I think this dress leans towards an equestrian look, so I personally would probably do the tights again in dark brown and dark brown "riding boots".
The reason I choose such dark brown is because of such a hard to match brown on the sweater. The dark brown adds a contrast and complements the faux wrap attachment. These are by Sofft and are the "Claremont" boot. I found these at Nordstrom.

My second favorite designer is Ralph Lauren. I am very much classic when it comes to clothing styles and Lauren by RL is just that, classic.

I love "Winter White". A warm white, not the bright whites we see in summer and can most definitely be worn year round. This dress just knocks me off my feet. It is a Lauren by Ralph Lauren. It too is cable knit but with a wonderful banded (but not tight) bottom, almost to the wrist sleeves, and a wonderful bateau neckline.

I found this dress at  Belks where it is currently on sale! The belt gives it that signature western/equestian RL look. I would definitely put a boot like this with this dress.

I am in love with the two-tone riding boots. These are "Corso Como Richmond", which I again found at Belk's. They come in dark brown, black, and my favorite, the two-tone. You can find this style in many, many brands at many price points. Unfortunately, I do not own a pair of two-tones myself, but a pair will end up in my closet at some point

Though I said yesterday that I am not really adding jewelry to my outfits of choice. However, with this piece, I would probably just go with some thick gold hoops. Enough said.

Finally a dress-me-up or dress-me down sweater dress. It too is by Ralph Lauren. It is a long sleeve, boatneck, sweater dress. The sleeves are slightly puffed and the cuffs have a single button.

Oh there is so much you could do with this dress. For a casual look, tie or loop a brightly colored scarf. You could go as bright as the Murfee scarves by Lilly Pulitzer, solid color ruffle scarves, or even better for the holidays, a tartain plaid scarf. The choices are limitless with this style dress.

Since this is a wool sweater dress, I would throw on a poncho. My choice, though not as colorful, would be...

a herringbone poncho! Your shoe choices are extremely varied. Again, a flat, black leather boot is a good choice, or there are many wonderful black leather or suede flats. I think I would probably go with these and some black opaque tights...
These are the "Ilona bootie" by Naturalizer. These were found at Nordstrom. And though I haven't been saying much about purses, how about this one?
The pop of red is fantastic. This purse is the Lauren by RL Newbury Barrel Satchel. I personally love satchels and that is mostly what I carry. With the poncho, I would not want a long strap or straps. This strap is removable to be the perfect satchel.

As I said before, this can be a dress-me-up dress as well. If I was dressing it up, I would either wear a black leather boot with a heel such as...
The Cole Haan Air Jalissa.
I found these at Belks but the are also carried by Cole Haan stores as well as other department stores. If you have never tried any of Cole Haan's Air shoes, you really need to do so. Cole Haan has partnered with Nike for their "Air" technology. This technology makes for a very comfortable shoe or boot.
Or I would go a little more dressier with this pair...

Very similar but with a little higher and more stiletto type heel. These are the Lauren by RL Jennison boots. These also were found at Belk.

If you choose not to go the boot route, and try something different. How about one of these?
The lower wedge Cole Haan Air Lainey...

Love very much, especially with the gold accent, but this southern belle can't get past the
patent leather. Beautiful and comfortable.
or the Eterna Wedge by Nina...
Love the wedge, the "cut out" sides and the flat bow on top. Great pair to choose.

Or go very traditional with the Michael Kors Pressley...
Strange angle I know. Love the polished leather (not patent) and a very classic black pump that can go with almost anything and should be a staple in your shoe wardrobe. I think I would end up choosing these especially with how I plan to accessorize this wonderful dress.
(The final three pair of shoes are found at Belk.)

To go from all black, I would either tie a silk scarf around the neck, preferably tartan for the holiday spirit or a great animal print.

If you do not care for scarves around the neck, especially with a bateau neckline, choose a gold statement necklace.
If you do choose to wear a scarf, a classic "treat" is to pull a color out of the scarf for your purse and tie the scarf around the strap or handle. That will definitely step it up a notch.
Me, I would combine the two options. I would choose this...

the Lauren by RL Gansevort Convertible Leather clutch. I would leave the chain strap as to carry it on my shoulder and a silk square scarf around the strap where it meets the clutch and probably add a bold chain necklace. (RL makes those as well!)

I have given you plenty for a dinner or dinner and a movie GNO! I hope you have found some new items and new ways to style your items.

Come back tomorrow for part two of GNO! It will be PAR-TAY time! 


Miss Janice said...

Love all the sweater dresses although I don't own one. I'd have to buy a Spanx bodysuit first!

Rebecca said...

I love the two tone boots too. I"ve been looking all season for just the right pair, and have found some, but not exactly what I'm looking for. I like the two tone on the toe too.