Saturday, July 17, 2010

And we are off...

As you read this, I am probably on the road heading to Florida. We always take a family vacation each summer to Florida with my parents, my brother, his wife, and doodlebug, as well as my honey, Miss Brooke, and me. We always go to Orange Lake Resort and Country Club in Orlando. Very rarely to we go to the theme parks. They just don't change enough from year to year. However, this is a special year. Instead of staying in my parent's villa, we will be staying in their Signatures Series Penthouse. This is to celebrate Miss Brooke graduating from high school, turning 18 on the 23rd, and her send off to college as a family. Our villa is absolutely gorgeous!
(sneak peak)

With a perfect layout in the 4 bedroom penthouse:

There is a screened in balcony that runs across the entire pool side of the villa. On each end, you notice a larger screened in area of each master suite. (One has chairs, the other has loungers). There is a fireplace if you need it (but I don't think we will be using it in July). Outdoor dining as well as indoor dining. A laundry room larger than mine at home. (However you can request laundry service if you would like.) Four bathrooms, one for each bedroom. Flat screens in each room as well as many other wonderful features as well as upscale bedding and linens. What you don't see is the little room with the built in daybed.

As part of this celebration week, Miss Brooke is bringing her bestie, and Doodlebug is bringing her good friend. Doodlebug and her friend are staying in the daybed room with it's own Playstation.
Doodles is all excited!

One reason I love this resort, and am so glad my parents have a villa here, is that if it is your desire, you never have to leave the property. Right outside the resort, but not off the property is some little restaurants, and a Publix grocery store!! There is so much to do at the resort for all ages, we usually never leave, except to run to the grocery store, and usually one night we go over to CityWalk for "dinner and a movie."

As part of this celebration week, Miss Brooke was able to choose some things to do. We are still going to "dinner and a movie" one night. We eat dinner together (this year the restaurant choice is hers but I am betting on Margaritaville) and then head over to the theater. There are 20 theaters to choose from and we usually break off into small groups and see different movies. Brooke has also chosen to go to Universal Studios and Universal's Island of Adventures. For those that have never been to either, Islands of Adventures is more of a thrill ride park but still enough for all ages.

Please check back every day as
I have pre-scheduled posts for next week!

I wish everyone else a Super Saturday, just like the one I hope I am having!!


Bella Michelle said...

Have a GREAT trip!

Seersucker Scrapper said...

Have fun! Can't wait to hear all about the new Harry Potter section.

Kate said...

Have fun on your vacation!

Beaufort Belle said...

Thanks everyone, so far so good! Nothing but glorious weather!