Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunny Sunday???

I checked the 10 day weather for Orlando before we left, and as typical central Florida weather goes this time of year, there is the chance for isolated thunderstorms every day of our trip. Usually we have gorgeous day, some wild isolated storms late afternoon, and glorious nights. Very typical, so that is what I am hoping for. Especially since reports only a 30% chance of storms daily at the time of checking the weather.

So hopefully this day is a SUNNY Sunday! If so, you can find me here:
Pool side, River Island

This is where our villa (as well as mom and daddy's usual villa) is located on the resort. This is one of the many waterfalls through the "river" of River Island. Basically a tremendous lazy river with many small pools flowing off of the river. Most of those pools have "beach entries".

Here is an overhead view of River Island:

It's hard to see what all is there! The dark blue curly things are slides for the kids. There are bridges to cross to access different areas of the "island". A great little favorite of the resort. A restaurant as well as a snack bar, a Starbucks, a gym, 2 miniature golf courses, the pool rental stop (to rent rafts for the lazy river - all day rental, purchase sunscreen products and several other pool needs). There are also 2 "Tiki Hut" bars and Hammock Beach...a wonderful little sandy area next to one of the Tiki Bars with hammocks suspended between palm trees. So very relaxing in the evening.

With the exception of the 2 days we go to least 80% of my day, weather permitting will be pool side. Lounging on comfortable, cushioned loungers with luxurious pool towels, and my personal pool butler right there for my every possible need while sunning. My honey and my daddy will probably be there right by my side. We sun, get very hot, float around the river, back out to sun some more. And to think, all I have to do is step off the elevator, and my lounging spot is right here in front of me.

Wishing y'all have a Sunny Sunday!


Miss Janice said...

It sounds fabulous! Enjoy your time there:)

Beaufort Belle said...

Thank you Miss Janice. I am loving it. I hope you are having a good week thus far as well!