Friday, July 16, 2010

Fashion Friday

I recently bought 3 new pair of shorts and a new swim suit for my Florida vacation. Land's End is having a tremendous sale and I couldn't resist. I have lost weight since last year, so my favorite white and khaki shorts no longer fit. I have been hunting for navy casual shorts as well. And I realize earlier this summer that the top on my swim suit was too large and revealing a little too much. Now with a Land's End sale this time of year, the swimsuit picken's are very limited. I love the faille material and my past 3 LE swimsuits are made of this fabric. My package finally arrived yesterday and I tried them all on today and everything fit!! And when Miss Brooke saw me in the new swimsuit, she actually said, "MOM, you look hot!" Now if only I can get honey to say the same thing when he sees me in it!

So here is what I purchased:

5 inch khaki shorts
5 inch white shorts
and 5 inch navy shorts.
(If I was taller, I would probably have to go with the 7 inch but since I am not quite 5'2,
I go with the 5 inch inseam.)

Now I personally believe a lady of certain age should no longer wear a bikini. However, I love the tankinis. So here is my swimsuit. It has a control bottom skirt that I love (all of my LE suits have had this bottom) and this time a twist top revealing less cleavage than last year, but much better for scuba diving.

Now all I have to do is PACK!!

One more thing...and this combines Fashion with a fabulous find. All the rage right now seems to be Aviator sunglasses. My daughter found a gorgeous pair that look great on her from Coach. However, I am a traditionalist, and to me, true aviators are from Ray-Ban. I wore them my senior year of high school and through college in the late 80's. I cannot believe how expensive they are now...I do believe I paid about $40 for mine back then. I have expensive sunglasses from Ferragamo, and my boating glasses from Bolle, however I really wanted my aviators. Lo and behold, my daddy found 1 of my original pair and the case at their home. They were quite out of shape and really dirty (not sure where he found them) but a quick run to my local optician fixed all that. He re-fit them on me and cleaned them right up. Now I am back to wearing my Ray-Bans on a regular basis! As they always say, what goes around, comes around.


Charlotte said...

luv the shorts!

Lisa said...

LE bathing suits are the best. They are always true to size, fabric is wonderful, never ride, pull or tug and last forever! I wear tankinis too and buy several pieces every year and mix and match until the cows come home.