Thursday, September 02, 2010

Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season

Hurrican Earl is heading straight for my beach and north of my beach. Bogue Banks north to the border is being evacuated. At my beach, you have to be off the island by 5! (20 minutes from now) At 5, the beach closes and only emergency vehicles can get off or on until it reopens after Earl has passed. No getting on, no getting off. Thankfully we have our Return to Beach pass, they are not giving anymore out. So residents that haven't gotten theirs, could have to wait longer to get back on. My mom actually had to come home today because of evacs. Honey and I are going down on Tuesday. Hopefully we don't get smacked by this Cat 4 storm and the Labor Day weekend will be back on track as soon as Earl moves on up and out. But for now, we are just "Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season"

Be careful everyone that may be in it's path.

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